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Community Organizing for Real Economics

Welcome to District Council 711’s Community Organizing for Real Economics webpage. We are glad you are here. Please find the following FAQ’s about our Community Organizing Department and how we plan to better the lives of all working men and women not only within our organization, but at large.

What is Community Organizing?

Community organizing is bringing together people and resources from a neighborhood or community to strengthen bonds and a sense of community for positive change. Community organizing starts from the premise that most of us want the same sense of security and freedoms. In our case, it is our belief that every working man and woman deserves equality, a voice at work, a secure workplace free of discrimination, and the opportunity to secure decent wages to support themselves and their families, among the many other rights and protections that workers deserve.

Who is “The Community”?

The community is everyone who believes in these freedoms and who wants to better the lives of themselves and their families. Specific communities involve faith-based organizations, labor organizations, veteran organizations, and non-profit organizations to name a few.

It sounds great, but how does Community Organizing affect me personally as a member? Why should I get involved?

As a member, you already belong to the greatest community that exists for workers…The Labor Community. As a union member, you are aware of the protections and benefits that the union provides. Think about when you became a member, why did you decide to join the IUPAT? Chances are, you joined for the exact reasons mentioned above and most likely someone you know either belonged to a labor organization or told you about it. Throughout your career, you have probably told your friends, family, and acquaintances about the opportunities that exist within the IUPAT and you may have even referred them here to join as members. During your career you have seen changes in the economy, legislation, and non-responsible contractors abusing the system which has inhibited the prospect for work opportunities. And that is why you need to get involved!

I am just one person, what can I do to change anything?

Power begins with the belief that collectively you can change these circumstances, and by committing yourself to getting involved. Unfortunately, we sometimes feel that we are too small a part in the wheel and we give up before we even try. The fortunate part is that we live in America, the land where you are free to vote, speak your mind, and organize. If you need an example, look to the Revolutionary War for guidance. Without the commitment of ordinary citizens, we would have never been a free land! By first joining together internally
and expanding our relationships by partnering with other like-minded groups, we will be able to build the power that is necessary to have a voice, be heard, and create change!

Is there anything else I can be involved With other than politics?

Yes! Although your participation in politics is the most essential piece in building the power that is necessary to challenge the policies that hold workers back, there are other ways to get involved as well. Some examples of this are leafleting, working with community organizations to educate them about our union, helping to prepare and distribute materials, making phone calls, and joining calls to action to support our Organizing Department on the issues that affect our communities.

How does the Community Organizing Department plan on creating work opportunities?

The first step in creating work opportunities is to build our power internally. This includes making sure every member is registered to vote, setting up a communication network, and educating ourselves on the issues. In order to do this, we have developed a program that will give us the knowledge we need to get involved. Through ongoing meetings based around educating ourselves on the issues, we will begin working on specific campaigns and participating in community involvement that will make a difference. That is why your participation is necessary. By attending the Community Activist meetings, learning, communicating with others, and committing to getting involved we will be able to begin to reach our goals.

The time is now! We need to educate ourselves and truly commit ourselves to making a difference. We are ONE UNION, and we are in this together. Yesterday is over and today is the start of great things to come. We challenge you to get motivated and to be part of the change. In order to allow this journey to begin and progress there needs to be some sense of initiative. Remember, the journey of a million miles begins with the first step.

If you have any questions please contact:

Maria E. Foster
Director of Government and Community Affairs
609-653-4433 ext. *207

C.O.R.E event registration

Commit yourself to attend the Community Activist meetings (dates to be announced).

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